Christmas Cookies 2015!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christm- wait, it’s 60 degrees out. Are we in December? Is Christmas less than two weeks away? As much as I’m loving this weather, it makes things feel a bit less Christmas-y. Don’t hate me, but, I kind of want it to snow. Whether we’re ready or not, Christmas will here next week! I’m so excited. I live for this time of year. I would have had my Christmas decorations up three months ago if it was acceptable. Let’s talk Christmas cookies. Afterall,the best part of Christmas is the cookies! I pretty much make the same cookies every year, with the addition of trying atleast one new one. I want to share what I bake each year and some of my Christmas cookie recipes with you. Let’s round em’ up!

{click each one for the recipe}

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Boring, I know, but can you ever neglect the classic chocolate chip cookie from the list? There’s a reason I continue to make them every single year. They’re always a favorite!

2. Classic Sugar Cookies. Otherwise known as ‘wedding cookies’ on here because this is the same recipe I used when I baked cookies for my wedding. I use lots of different Christmas cookie cutters for these and I always love decorating them!


3. Linzer Cookies. I adore these cookies. You can use any jam you like but my all time favorite is Stonewall Kitchen’s Sugar Plum Jam. Perfect for Christmas! The only note I want to make incase I neglected to in the actual recipe post, is wait to add the jam the day these are served. I bake the actual cookies ahead of time, and then I assemble them the day I am giving them away or eating them.

4. Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies. I actually forgot to make these last year and now I can’t wait to have them again! These really are so good!

5. Chewy Molasses Cookies. A classic molasses cookie you can’t go wrong with! Love this recipe.

6. Italian Sprinkle Cookies. The ultimate Christmas cookie. These cookies are by far my favorite cookie of all time. They are also my most requested cookie by family this time I’d year. Everybody goes nuts for these. I can’t believe I haven’t shared the recipe on here yet! I promise I will post all the delicious details on these cookies next week:)

7. Peppermint Bark. Technically not a cookie, but I can’t forget peppermint bark! I love making this every single year because not only is a favorite among my family and friends, but it requires no oven and that’s a win for me!


8. Snickerdoodles. Forever one of my favorites!

9. Peanut Butter Blossoms. This is my new addition this year. I know these cookies are extremely popular, but somehow I have never made them! I plan on using the good old Hershey recipe.

10. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. Another new addition this year. I have made these before but not for Christmas. They are so good. I like this recipe.

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