Orange Chicken

I love this dish so much. If I could hug it, I would. To be honest, I never loved orange chicken. I haven’t had it very many times, and the last time I did have it was so many years ago. I just remember it being very overpowering, too sweet or too salty. I never liked ordering this kind of stuff at restaurants because it’s just so overly processed and never made me feel good eating it. I also never particularly liked orange chicken because the orange flavor was way too orangey. Orangey? If that’s not a word, it is now. Continue reading

Buckeye Brownies

I don’t know why these are called buckeye brownies…but who cares because they are delicious. I wanted to bake something for my neighbor for her birthday (because you know me, any chance I get to deliver baked goods…I do!) I was specifically searching for a recipe with peanut butter and chocolate but I don’t have a ton of experience baking with peanut butter because well…It was never my favorite. I never really like chocolate peanut butter desserts. I know, what’s wrong with me? I love chocolate…but peanut butter was just never my thing. That is, until these. Ohhhh these brownies. Continue reading

Shrimp Scampi

I realized the other day, I have never made shrimp scampi for Joe. I know. What is wrong with me. So I was thinking about making and I added it to my menu for the week when I was meal planning. I always run my menu by Joe and ask if he has any requests. I mentioned I was going to make shrimp scampi one night and he said “Nah, I’m not a fan”. Well you know whenever this happens, I gladly accept the challenge. Continue reading

Summer Salad

You guys! I missed you. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I took a little vacation to my favorite place in the world…Maine. Now I’m suffering from post Maine depression, which happens every time I get back from a trip there. I am most definitely my happiest when I’m up there. Specifically at the Nonantum Resort, where we always stay and where we got married last year. Continue reading

Strawberry Galette

Helloooo 4th of July weekend. Are you as excited as I am to have some time off from work and relax? I have the perfect thing for you to make. This my new favorite summer dessert. It’s officially strawberry season and I picked up some gorgeous strawberries the other day at the farmers market. And what better way to enjoy them then in a galette. Continue reading