Overnight Baked French Toast

French toast is probably my favorite breakfast ever. When it comes to choosing between pancakes or French toast, French toast always seems to win. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a fluffy pancake, but nothing beats French toast. Typically the ONLY way I will eat French toast is if its made with Challah Bread. But I have been wanting to try an overnight baked version for such a long time and Continue reading

Christmas Cookies 2015!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christm- wait, it’s 60 degrees out. Are we in December? Is Christmas less than two weeks away? As much as I’m loving this weather, it makes things feel a bit less Christmas-y. Don’t hate me, but, I kind of want it to snow. Whether we’re ready or not, Christmas will here next week! I’m so excited. I live for this time of year. I would have had my Christmas decorations up three months ago if it was acceptable. Let’s talk Christmas cookies. Afterall,the best part of Christmas is the cookies! I pretty much make the same cookies every year, with the addition of trying atleast one new one. I want to share what I bake each year and some of my Christmas cookie recipes with you. Let’s round em’ up! Continue reading

Thanksgiving Menu

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I pretty much live for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite day of the year and there’s nothing I love more than cooking a bunch of food for people I love. I wanted to share my menu and some of the recipes that I use. Honestly, it’s quite boring so don’t be disappointed! I make the same things every year, but I’m a basic girl and I like to stick with what works. Continue reading